Saniderm – Tattoo Bandage – 4″ x 8′ Roll

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aniderm tattoo bandage in 4″ x 8′ roll.  Saniderm is a professional tattoo medical bandage that protects the skin from the environment but still allows the skin to breathe.  This is one of the most natural ways of allowing a tattoo to heal while still protecting it from bacteria, germs and other contaminants.

Saniderm puts up a see through barrier and works by providing a moist healing and breathable environment where it keeps the body’s natural healing process away from the environment. Doctors and hospitals have long treated burns and abrasions using the same moist healing method.  Testimonials from happy users of Saniderm state that they found no scabbing or itching.  Colors are said to have healed brighter while darker tones healed darker.  These bandages are waterproof, breathable and can be used sparingly.  Being waterproof, you can shower without worry.  You don’t have to keep applying creams/lotions throughout the day, the body’s natural healing process will do its job without it.

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