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Tattoo machine by Pittsburgh Irons, the Pittsburgh Borneo.  A cutback type liner with a high front spring gives this baby quite a punch!  A crafted beauty featuring sleek lines and excellent finish.  Pittsburgh Irons are professional machines that run smooth and hit hard.  This frame made from pieces individually finished and welded together.



It is always best to learn the various tattoo machine parts.  Proper terminology is a bit of a grey area as terms and slang vary from shop to shop and from region to region.  The two round battery like parts on the machine are called the coils.  When electric current runs through the coils, a magnetic field is generated.  When the current leaves the coils, the field dissipates and the machine goes back to a resting position.  The continuous cycle of current running through machine is what keeps the device going.  The armature bar is the long piece of metal above the coils.  The armature bar is attached to the front spring and back spring.  The front spring is the spring closest to the needle and the back spring is the spring furthest.  Touching the front spring is the contact screw through which current runs through to get to the front spring.  Holding the contact screw in place is the top binding post.  On the side of the top binding post is the lock nut that tightens the contact screw, keeping it in place.  Going to the base of the machine at the very end where you loop your tube grip through is the tube vise.  The tube vise tightens to lock in the tube grip.  The post located behind the coils is the back binding post.  This is where you connect your clip cord.  All the parts is attached to the tattoo machine frame.

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