Tattoo Supplies By TAT Tattoo Supplies USA

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Tattoo Supplies By TAT Tattoo Supplies USA

Where You Can Get the Best Tattoo Supplies?

We have your back at Tat Tattoo Supplies USA. At Tat, we sell the best quality supplies to give you good value for your money. Here are reviews of some of the products we sell.

Reviews of Our Best Quality Tattoo Supplies

  • Tattoo ink: The right tattoo inks will help you to get the range of colours you want on a tattoo. Tattoo inks are generally available in a range of colours. Of course you can also mix these colours to produce other shades or colours to suit what you want. Here’s a great way to give your clients the perfect blend of beauty and art that they’re looking for. Now, we have already agreed that the success of ant tattooing job largely depends on the supplies used which can either make or break a good tattoo. This makes it essential to purchase the best tattoo inks there are to help you satisfy your clients. This is why at Tat Tattoo supplies, we make sure to stock only the best quality tattoo inks to help make your job a whole lot easier. We provide an ever growing range of tattoo inks to choose from. With wide collection of shades and colours to choose from at Tat, we are sure you can’t miss your best deal. With our range of Intenze tattoo inks from fuschia to aquamarine, sweet candy, chocolate, lollipop and light purple among others, here is your one stop place to get your best deal for tattoo inks.
  • Anesthetics: Getting a tattoo can be a very painful experience and sometimes, a lot of people do not really have the guts to endure the pain that comes with this. Many times, some people would choose instead to just let go of the idea of getting a tattoo done rather than endure the pain it can come with. However, getting a tattoo does not necessarily have to be an unbearably painful experience. Using an anesthetic is a great way to block the pain from reaching your pain receptors. This will in turn help to tangibly numb the pain that you would ordinarily feel when getting a tattoo providing an easier tattooing moment. In addition, a few things you need to pay attention to in getting anesthetics are whether these anesthetics are safe and effective and will not cause any harm to the skin. Also, it is important that they are easy and convenient to use. At Tat, we offer the best anesthetics to ensure that your tattooing experience is excellent and our Dr. Numb Anesthetic numbing cream will make sure of this. What’s more interesting is that this comes at an affordable rate offering good quality for your money. You’ll love.
  • Cheyenne machines: Who doesn’t want a great and high quality tattoo machine with robust grips to make the job easier? We know you do and we want that for you too. In the tattoo business, the Cheyenne machines have such an unbeatable place and are certainly one of your best bets to get a great job done. With about the most sophisticated technology in the tattoo business, tis machine comes with the grip, the motor and the exchangeable cartridges. This means therefore, that you do not have need for any additional parts or even any complicated settings. All you really need are already set for you. Our Cheyenne tattoo machines are so easy to use and will save you the trouble of having of any extra work. Turn up with your creativity, get to work, and that’s it. In addition, these machines are easy for you to cover in order to help ensure safety and the best conditions for hygiene. Perfect balance, innovation and an excellently smooth running are some of the things you can expect when you’re using our Cheyenne tattoo machines. From needles to pens to disposable grips, we have you covered.
  • Ink Cups and Holders: Tattoo ink cups and holders do just what their name says they do. They help to hold your tattoo ink for you while you work so you can have your hands free enough. The cups and holders come in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. At Tat Tattoo Supplies, we stock a variety of ink holders with many different sizes and shapes too. These ink holders are also made of different materials depending on what you want. Our range of ink holders come also in different prices so there’s something for everyone. You can be sure that we have you all covered no matter the variety of ink holder you want. We’re here to make your business easier than ever. Turn up at Tat and we’ll give you our best deals.
  • Pigment: The colour of your tattoo depends on this. No matter what shade of a colour you want to create on your client's skin, you will be needing pigments to do that. And clients always come asking for a very wide range of colours. But of course, you must already know. The good news is, we have you covered. Where to get pigments that will deliver just the job you want? At Tat Tattoo Supplies. Just as with everything else we stock, we have a wide range of pigments from Milano brown, dark taupe, bora bora, red head, buttercup, you name them. And they're high quality too, trusted to help you get a good job done and leave your art looking as clear and as pretty as ever.
  • Disposable gloves: Tattoo gloves are a very important, indispensable part of getting a tattoo done. They are very important because they're the materials you use to make sure that tattoos are done hygienically and safely for both the tattooer and the client. Getting a tattoo done typically requires a high level of physical closeness between the artist and the customer and this puts both persons at a high risk of possibly getting an infection from the other person. With tattoo gloves, a barrier can be created between the artist and the customer to prevent an exchange of body fluids which is what usually causes the risk of infections. The use of high quality gloves can therefore, not be overemphasized when it comes to tattoos. Additionally, because getting a tattoo typically requires the skin to be repeatedly pierced with needles, the skin is left prone to infections which makes gloves even more important.

Of course the gloves you use as a tattoo artist need to be comfortable enough to let you easily get the job done. It should provide a snug fit, not too tight and not too loose so as to prevent breakage or constraints in movement. Because the gloves can be susceptible to tears if they are either too tight or too loose, the best gloves should fit just well enough for you to be able to flex your hands with ease and get a good job done. You can count on us at Tat Tattoo Supplies to give you just that: the perfect gloves you need to protect you and your client while getting a good job done.

  • Disposable microblades: If you're thinking of doing the microblading, we still have you covered on what you would be needing to get this done. Let's talk about eyebrows shall we? Doing the permanent microblading is an excellent way to deal with those thinning eyebrows, we probably all already know. Not everyone is cool with happy only a few strands of hair at their eyebrows and if you want to get a better deal for that, it's definitely fine. Even if you do not have any eyebrows left because just maybe, alopecia has had them all trimmed out, microblading is an excellent way to go. You can get your eyebrows done for you to just the exact same shape and fullness you want it and who knows, you just might be giving your fave TV stars a run for their money. But what's a microblading session without the right microblades? This is where we, at Tat Tattoo Supplies, come in. At Tat, we have your best range of disposable microblades which come in different shapes ranging from U shaped to curved flat among many others. If you're looking to get a microblading session, you can be sure we're your best bet. Call on us and we'll give you the best deal for microblades.
  • Art and stencil: The entire point of getting a tattoo in the first place is mostly for the sake of arts and beauty. In embarking on a tattoo job, you will certainly be needing a stencil drawn on even before you take the needle to your client's skin. This is the foundation of the tattoo. But of course, a good tattoo is as good as the materials you use and the quality of them. Our wide range of art and stencil supplies provides excellent choices for you to pick from if you're looking to get high quality materials for excellenct art.
  • Sterilization: Sterilizing the tattooing equipment after each use is a very essential part of the business. And this, not just because it helps to maintain the tools you use for your business but also because it helps to prevent the transmission of infections from one client to another. We already noted that tattooing can be very intimate business requiring a lot of closeness between the artist and the client. This also applies when two different clients have to use the same non-disposable tool or equipment. It therefore becomes very important to ensure that such tools are kept in the best condition to be safely and hygienically reused. The best known machines for sterilizing tattoo equipment are the autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners. At Tat Tattoo supplies, we stock the best sterilization machines to keep your tools looking as sparkling as new and your customers as safe. Our collection of sterilization machines are definitely among the best you can find on the market and you can sure count on us to deliver the best.
  • Aftercare: After you've gotten a new tattoo, the next natural thing to think about is the aftercare. This will help to ensure that your new tattoo stays as beautiful as it was meant to be and more importantly, it will ensure that you do not get prone to any infections which could easily be the case if you are careless about a new tattoo. With a wide range of aftercare products ranging from medical tapes to tattoo goos to deep cleansing soaps to aftercare swabs and lots more, it can be overwhelming to make the right choices especially as an individual who's not into the business. However, at Tat, we have the best quality supplies of aftercare products for tattoo artists to help you provide the necessary maximum care to your client. Our wide range of aftercare products are superb and you can definitely count on getting good value for your money. If you're looking for just the right place to get good supplies for a good job.

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